State of offline classifieds in the age of online classifieds

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The world of classified advertising has changed a lot since its evolution. Advertising started from radios and no they have reached the internet also. Any advertising done without using internet is offline classified and over internet is online classifieds. The most common type of offline classified is advertising in newspapers. Newspapers have a different column for classified advertising. Newspaper classified ads are the most reliable ones, as believed. But giving classified ads in newspaper cost a lot of money.

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After the beginning of the era of internet, the concept of online advertising came into view. The classified websites are created online and they facilitate the posting of classified ads over internet and that too for free! This also helps to target a larger audience and internet knows no boundaries and anything published over internet can spread anywhere in the world.

Since the beginning of online classifieds, the business of offline classified has been affected adversely.  This is because of the endless benefits of online classifieds over offline classifieds. These benefits are:

  1. No restrictions: There is no restriction in case of posting content online. Anyone can post the ad on a classified website by simply creating an account. However, in case of offline advertising, there are certain restrictions and not everyone is eligible to give ads in newspapers.
  2. Not even a penny is charged: A single penny is not charged in case of online classifieds. Buy Do follow Backlink The online classified websites are free to use but newspaper classifieds cost a lot. Newspaper agencies charge huge amounts of money for posting classifieds.
  3. Targeted audience is large: Large audience can be targeted in online classifieds. Any content posted over internet can be viewed by people all over the world but in case of offline classifieds, limited people can be targeted.

Offline classifieds are losing momentum in the current times because of the benefits of online classifieds. They are getting weaker day by day and online classifieds are getting stronger. People are moving from offline to online classifieds because of the obvious reasons.

The market size of offline classifieds has dropped in the past few years and is expected to drop even more. However, the concept of offline classifieds cannot completely be removed because there are certain areas that still require offline classifieds. Property dealing and rental services are the two main examples. These two industries still use the offline classifieds and they fill the void caused by other industries. People still trust the newspaper classifieds more than the online classifieds.

Online classifieds makes it possible for the people across the globe to post and view the content. An online classified is posted on a classified ad website but for posting the ad, it is important to have a website first. Websites are created by website developers and then they are used by people. However, not everyone can be a website developer, so some people buy a readymade classified website to suit their purpose.

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