Embedding YouTube Videos: New Era on PowerPoint

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The presentation is a crucial aspect of communication in our society. People usually notice the way you’re presenting your statement along with its theme. It happens many times that you’re delivering a normal speech, but the mode makes the audience offended. On another aspect, the presentation gets so much importance in the educational or professional projects. In this case, the whole impression depends on how you represent the discussed topic in front of the authority. If you deliver a nice and compiled presentation, you can get decent marks in school and promotional benefits in your office. Previously, we used to present our assignments with decorated papers and files. But, the modern day presentation is completely computer-based and Microsoft PowerPoint is a vastly used tool to make it.

Embedding the Youtube Video In PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint

‘Can a computer program create presentations?’ The question was as astonishing as you’re touching the moon’s surface with your fingertips until Microsoft introduced an exclusive program in 1990. The developers made such a program that is not only able to create presentations but also decorate them. After developing this program, R Gaskins communicated to Bill Gates for making it a part of the Microsoft. Initially, Gates considered it as a part of MS word, but Gaskins was so sure about his creation that he ended up convincing Gates to accept it as a completely different program. The rest is history as we all know. PowerPoint supports almost all kind of media files that are available in a computer system such as images, videos, screenshots, documents, etc.

Does PowerPoint support YouTube Video?

Revolutions come in a hurry on the internet. PowerPoint also experienced one of those in the year of 2010 when the developers added a new feature to it. Now, PowerPoint supports the online videos from YouTube and other video streaming website. Initially, it crashed in a disappointing manner but it has been re-launched in recent times. So, the PowerPoint users can optimise this feature only if he operates the version of 2007 and afterward. The older version users will not be able to embed videos from YouTube in the PowerPoint.

Reasons for Embedding YouTube Videos

In the modern era of internet, embedding media has become a necessity in presentations. Don’t you feel? Ok! Let’s take an example. Suppose, you’ve to go to the conference room in your office to present something very interesting but the deficiency of time isn’t allowing to do so. Now, what can be done, as you need a few videos to make the presentation efficient? Here comes the new feature of PowerPoint by which you can embed YouTube videos directly to your PPT file.

Process of inserting

You can follow two different ways of inserting YouTube Guest posting sites Videos into your PowerPoint Presentation such as by the YouTube Wizard Extension and by attaching the link directly to the file. Curious about the process? Then, go through the simple methods with proper explanations on Layerpoint.

Final Words

Microsoft made the life full of excitement for us by introducing new features in their programs and tools. But how they can be good if you don’t use them? Hence, we should try the methods once and make a nice presentation for our working purposes.

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