5 Effective Ways to Improve User Experience of Your Website

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Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft once quoted, “The true scarce commodity” of the near future will be “human attention.” Studies suggest that humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish. Research suggests that on an average, websites have eight seconds to grab the attention of their visitors. Hence, it’s extremely important to focus on improving the User Experience or UX of your website to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate. Moreover, any user visits a website with a purpose and expects to achieve it swiftly. So, to convert visitors to your website into customers, you need to give them a creamy experience throughout their visit. User Experience has been a hot trend in the world of web designing and web development since the past few years. Choose one of the best web designing services to get an easy to use, accessible, navigable, and efficient website for your business.

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Here are some effective methods/areas of focus to keep in mind while designing a website to improve its User Experience:


User-Friendly Design: Different websites serve different purposes, provide different information, and cater to different target audiences. Hence, the websites also have to be designed accordingly. The website’s design should be relevant and easy-to-use for the target audience. The key here is to get feedback from your users, analyse it, and implement changes accordingly.


Minimalist Design: The philosophy behind this approach is: “Less is More.” You already know about your visitor’s short attention span. To provide your visitors with a good experience and to convince them to stay longer and browse through other things, the design of your website’s Homepage should be minimalist and should only have the necessary information. If your homepage is messy, people might get confused and it’s highly likely that the visitor might bounce back. On the other hand, if the homepage is neat and provides only necessary information it would be easy for the user to navigate through. The user will be able to see what they seek and this would inspire them to visit other pages on the website.


Visually Appealing Design: It’s a well-known fact that images and videos have the capability to provide significantly more information than text. A visually appealing website is more likely to gain traction Guest posting sites as visual information stays more prominently in our brain. So, a user is more likely to revisit a visually appealing website. Try and feed your audience with information using pictures, infographics, videos, etc.


Appropriately Spaced Information: To make the information provided on your website more accessible, space the information or tabs or icons properly to make it convenient for the users to see. This requires the use of white space or negative space on your website efficiently. White space refers to the blank space or white space in a web page. If you pile up a lot of information on a web page it gets strenuous and annoying for the user to spot the relevant information. Instead try and space your information appropriately so that the web page is convenient for the user to use and so that, the user can find the right button to click to get the required information.


Responsive Design: These days, mobile devices are the primary device on which people access the internet. Hence, it’s extremely important for any website to be responsive on every platform. Moreover, Google ranks mobile-friendly websites above the non-friendly ones when it’s searched from a mobile device.

Designing and Development of a website is as important for the business as it is to build the business itself. In this day and age, it’s impossible to scale up a business without having an online presence. Apart from just having an online presence, it’s also important to make sure that your users get a good experience on your website. Choose the best web development company in Noida to design and develop your website to ensure guaranteed success of your website and good User Experience.

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