Electric Scooter Franchise from 4sharing: What Is It and How Much Does It Cost

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Starting an electric scooter rental business is a prospective idea as that type of service is highly required today. Every day more people decide to give preferences to ecol-friendly type of transport, that is, e-scooters.

For a business owner, starting an electric scooter rental business is always challenging as it requires getting special software to provide all the processes. Here are several ways how to get it. Whether you can hire a developer to develop an e-scooter app for your business from scratch or you can just get it quicker by applying for an electric scooter franchise. Have you ever heard about that last option? We’ve invited 4sharing representatives to get into detail about the electric scooter franchise.

Principles of Using E-Scooter Franchise for Your Business

Any franchise involves the use of ready-made solutions for your business. And the e-scooter rental industry is no exception. In this case, you get a working business model that is easy enough to adapt to your circumstances. For example, branding electric scooters, adding elements of your personal brand to the website and application, installing additional features for the application, or removing those that are not needed for your business.

All this is done for you by the 4sharing development team, which is the owner and creator of the software for the e-scooter rental business.

At the same time, the franchise payment model is especially convenient for novice businessmen. Let’s take a simple example. Even the most basic application development from scratch requires several months of painstaking work from the development team, and the final cost is several tens of thousands of bucks. And this money has to be put into the initial capital, because, without software, the work of e-scooter rental will be inefficient. With a franchise, you simply make an initial down payment and then pay monthly software rental fees for each scooter in your fleet. Even the most superficial calculation shows that it is profitable and inexpensive.

What Benefits Do You Get from Launching Electric Scooter Franchise

Of course, an electric scooter franchise can include a fairly diverse list of services. If we talk about the 4sharing franchise, then this company offers the best conditions for starting an electric scooter business. The main features that you will be able to appreciate when using the 4sharing franchise are the following:

  • Assistance in the selection and purchase of a fleet of e-scooters for beginner business owners.
  • Installation and maintenance of software that covers all the basic needs of this business.
  • Consulting assistance at all stages of opening and operating your electric scooter rental business.

At the same time, there are many advantages of such a solution:

  • Launching a business in 60 days,
  • Help at all stages,
  • Adaptation of software for your business,
  • Reducing the risk of making mistakes when starting and getting started.

Costs of E-Scooter Franchise by 4sharing

Now let’s move on to the most important question: how much does it cost? In the case of using a franchise from 4sharing, your initial costs will be minimal. The cost of a franchise consists of two main parts:

  • Starting payment depends on the volume of services at the stage of starting a business. In particular, the cost of launching a franchise includes software design, work with the integration of payment systems of your choice, connection of each of the scooters, setting up, and training staff. The average initial payment is $7,000-$10,000.
  • The monthly payment depends on the number of scooters in your fleet. In 4sharing it is only $4 per scooter.

Even without complex calculations, it can be seen that the cost of an e-scooter franchise is much lower than the cost of software development and maintenance. Therefore, for those who want to start an electric scooter rental business, this option is much more profitable.

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