Smart TV App Development: How to Create a Smart TV App

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The Smart TV function allows users to significantly expand the capabilities of their TV and create a real multimedia center. In addition to the fact that it is much easier to manage the functions of the TV, it also provides an impressive set of various kinds of applications. Modern Smart TVs can operate under different operating systems, but all of them are equipped with a large number of Smart TV Apps. Let’s take a look at what a Smart TV app is, what types of Smart TV apps there are, and how to develop a Smart TV app.

What is a Smart TV app?

A Smart TV app refers to an application that turns an ordinary TV viewing device into something closer to a computer. It opens up impressive opportunities to use various content from the Internet.

Smart TV technology is an operating system that allows the TV to connect to the Internet, use various applications to view content from the Internet, as well as install various programs.

What types of Smart TV apps exist?

Modern Smart TV apps offer the user the following features:

  • The ability to access the Internet;
  • Games;
  • Special applications to watch movies;
  • Email clients;
  • Communication in social networks;
  • Video communication apps.

The advanced capabilities for working with a variety of content are also worth mentioning. It isn’t difficult to connect third-party sources of information, such as a computer or flash drive, to the TV or set-top box with Smart TV. Through such equipment, you can easily view any high-quality movies.

Users can also install programs for using various social networks, antivirus, video baby monitor, weather forecast, poster services, buy cinema tickets, and many other useful and enjoyable applications. A significant part of them is free but may contain ads or have additional paid options.

How does Smart TV app development work?

If you decide to build a Smart TV app be prepared that it will go through several stages of creation. We are talking about the following stages:

IT Consulting

At this stage of Smart TV app development, the tech company analyzes your idea and the needs of your target audience. After that, a plan of further action is created.

UX/UI design

Designers create the look and feel of the Smart TV app as well as think through the logic by which the elements will interact with each other and with the user.


At this stage of android smart TV app development, specialists write the code for the software.


This is followed by the release of the Smart TV app.

Post-release support

All you need to do after the release is to make sure everything is working properly and update the Smart TV app if it’s required.

How much does it cost to develop a Smart TV app?

The price of Smart TV app development depends on several factors. In particular, it depends on the number of functions and complexity. Also, the cost of Smart TV app development directly correlates with the number of hours spent on its creation multiplied by the cost of one hour of specialist’s work.

Briefly, the average cost of app development ranges between $20,000 and $40,000. However, there is another important factor, which is the region in which you are ordering Smart TV app development. For example, you can almost halve the price if you order the service in Eastern Europe and not in the USA or Western Europe. Moreover, the quality will remain the same.


Users almost always give preference to TVs with the Smart TV option. This not only allows them to expand the functionality of the standard device but also eliminates the need to purchase additional gadgets, such as a gaming console. Smart TV technology seems to be a very good solution for most users. This is why the future belongs to these devices, which means that the market will see more and more advanced and functional Smart TV apps. Contact Perfsol now and we will start developing a new technological marvel together.

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