11 TikTok Facts that Marketers Should Know For Better Usage

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How TikTok Differs From Vine?

One of the most common facts about TikTok video is that users can shoot up to 15 seconds in the applications; it can also be post-edited, merged with several videos that can run up to 60 seconds.  

Cohen told that TikTok is just like Vine, plus there are constraints. The videos on Vine can run not longer than 6 seconds. Moreover, these apps present themselves with different concepts of content. Thus, Vine was the best for the ultra-short comedy clips, yet TikTok is most important for lip-syncing and viral moves from the Renegade. 

TikTok Meets All Audiences:

Initially, TikTok started as a teen based platform, but now it indeed works out well for audiences of all ages. Thus TikTok is used predominantly during the shelter-in-place of widespread times when everyone is desperate for entertainment.

The TikTok app is widely used among the audience, including workers and grandmas, ordinary people, said TikTok representative.

Crossposting on TikTok is Baseless:

Always posting the same content on the different platforms has been a common factor in social media marketing. 

Moreover, Cohen says that crossposting is not a social asset, because posting your videos from Instagram or Facebook is not recommended to TikTok. 

TikTok reaches its audience on a different basis for the platform; this is because Instagram stories are similar to TikToks, yet they add a different flavor of cool.

Instagram cool is fake of life where someone making stupid actions or someone who’s is entering the trending zone.

Use TikTok’s Native Effects:

TikTok’s effect is one of the powerful tools to edit their video clips on their app. The effects are creative transitions, text annotations, adding split screens, and many more to go. 

Cohen says that it’s a little crazy stuff to witness the younger kids’ creativity with their ability by just using the TikTok app. 

Also, there are brands of in-app effects on TikTok. The main goal to success depends after making a content that looks at home in-feed.

Create your Own Effects on TikTok:

TikTok allows their brands to make their own effects and filters; you can use advertising offering with branded effects. You can also include a product or logo into the highlight of a user-generated TikTok; you can also alter the video clips background, or even merge magnetic augmented reality elements. 

By using advertisers and special effects on TikTok videos, you can increase your popularity. Thus catering hashtag challenges can boost your engagement rate simultaneously. 

Teenagers are TikTok Stars:

TikTok queen D’Amelio is a teenage dancer with more than 70 million followers, the most followed star influencer on the app.  

Hype House in Los Angeles is a collective group of about 20 TikTok creators who also have a lot of power on TikTok.

Cohen says that teenagers understand to realize it or not, how they dye their hair or do their make-up or accessories they are using where the people have influenced. 

If their audience mimics their fashion, then brands should follow them to get into the feed. Else they can work with the influencers directly.

Easy Influencer Marketing with TikTok: 

TikTok creator marketplace allows the advertisers to search for influencers, say like Tik Tok celebrities, based upon their brands, keywords, pricing range, audience, or industries.

TikTok influencer marketing is similar to Facebook, known as Facebook of TikTok creator network, where they have all profiles. TikTok influencer marketing helps to increase the engagement rate by growing your TikTok fans that improvise the target audience enormously. Also, the creator marketer is beta tested, where brands can accept only specific markets inside. 

Marketers Should not Underrate TikTok Filming Techniques:

TikTok is baseless without lighting effects were the TikTok influencers need to shoot at the proper period before the sunset, also known as the golden hour when the lighting looks the best. 

Not only do influencers and effects play a significant role in getting into the user’s feed, but also you need to have a perfect camera with time and lighting matters. Make a choice to shoot before sunset for the best lighting looks to make sure of minute details.

TikTok Works with a Soft, ASMR Quality:

Some content on TikTok performs much better, say like instructional style content with oddly satisfying or ASMR videos smacks out well on TikTok apps.

Autonomous sensory meridian response videos on Tiktok make up a simple, sound repetitive task like whispering, crinkling, and chewing. 

Best for Top-Of-Funnel Advertising:

TikTok drives out great awareness with robust marketing quality. Say, for instance, from 2019, cosmetics went viral #EyesLipsFace TikTok campaign.

Moreover, using in-feed ads along with Top View advertising or branded works as the apps open up. TikTok spokesperson told that every campaign received more than a billion views across three million user-generated videos. 

Everything is Possible using TikTok:

The conversion based campaigns work on the lower-funnel where advertisers can link up to external pages to drive out the potential users for the high point of sale. 

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