COVID-19 Has Replaced Poker Tables with Online Poker in Pennsylvania

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Online Poker

Before COVID-19 and its ensuing lockdowns, many residents and visitors thronged to Pennsylvania’s casinos to enjoy games of chance, including poker. 

As restrictions are lifted, and people may gather in public places, mask-wearing remains mandatory in many areas, including Pennsylvanian casinos. However, if you are worried about trying to read your opponent’s face to see if they are bluffing while most of it is covered with a mask, there is an alternative.

New rules

Unfortunately for those players who like the feel of the cards and chips between their fingers, face-to-face poker will not be a reality for a long time. 

Therefore, even when casinos reopen, certain games will remain prohibited, including poker, due to the risk posed by dealers and players handling cards and chips before passing them to others. This regulation forms part of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s (PGCB) latest protocols governing casinos’ reopening.

Have no fear

Online casinos in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania are not subject to these rules as they take player contact out of the equation. Therefore, poker lovers can still play their game of choice without having to leave home. Experts expect an even bigger surge in online poker playing now that players know for a fact that poker rooms will not be reopening any time soon.

Versions of poker gamblers may play

There are two main types of poker a gambler can access remotely: online poker and video poker. Both can be played on a desktop computer, tablet, or cellphone. Before choosing, ensure that you understand the difference between online and video poker games.

Online poker

Online casinos in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offer online poker, which entails playing a live game virtually against strangers or a site’s CPU, depending on the online casino you choose. Most game interfaces feature card graphics on the screen. 

While online poker focuses on following the game’s rules to the letter, free practice games and rounds make give novices a chance to learn. Users get to know each other and learn about each other’s styles, giving them some insight into what their opponent might do next.

Video poker

Video poker may look more like a slots game when viewed on the screen and it is one of the most profitable games for online casinos. Limited game types are available, with most being confined to five-card versions. This is ideal for newcomers still learning the ropes. It is also a game for solo players, distinguishing itself from online poker this way, although some versions offer multi-player options. 

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