What Gen Z Asks for When Renovating Kitchens

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Every year, the trend to different designs is shifting faster than before. This year, 2021, we are expecting a new generation of buyers within the real estate market. 

The change in what is trendy in the kitchen is as quick as lightning in the market. That kitchen countertop material you currently have in your kitchen would probably have little ‘likes and shares’ from the Gen Z persons. However, you should always know what material and design are most advisable for maintaining your home’s good quality. No matter how awesome your style is, high-quality materials are always considered to look best and last longer. You cannot always go wrong with good value.

This article will expound on what Gen Z asks for when doing kitchen remodeling and target their demands with the current trendy designs.

1. Diversity vs. Individuality 

Gen Z is known to be the most diverse generation so far. It is vital to consider that the kitchen’s look should be neutral regarding gender-sensitive groups and any ethnic-sensitive groups. However, Gen Z highly values uniqueness and individuality. They love automation and customization. Make sure that your kitchen design is individualized to their personality. 

2. Wellness Features 

According to recent surveys, Gen Z’s focus on wellbeing is considered a priority in almost every aspect of the house. Thus, the kitchen should reflect Gen Z’s physical and emotional features – this may include utilizing more natural materials, nature-inspired aesthetic furniture, and plant-based designs. 

3. Technology-savvy 

Technology remains to be one of the key markers of Gen Z individuals. Gen Z home buyers must see the use of technology for their activities of daily living. Examples of a technology-equipped kitchen are USB wall plugs, under cabinet lighting, and heated towel racks. Consult our interior designer about smart home technology trends for your kitchen. 

4. Adaptive Design 

Gen Z people are known to be dynamic in options; they usually prefer decisions that are changeable soon. Thus, customizable equipment delivered in an open concept with few barriers and unique features is recommended. Examples of these designs include a movable island, special bar features, and pocket doors.

5. Inclusivity 

Surveys reveal that Gen Z home buyers prefer the concept of including other people, such as friends or families, in planning their houses. Kitchen features that usually enthuse Gen Z people include entertaining areas found outdoors like backyards or patio. There is a great opportunity for renovating your kitchen to an outdoor kitchen. 


Deciding to consider the characteristics and trends of Generation Z individuals is a smart move in your kitchen remodeling. It’s never too late to keep your kitchen modern and sleek. Home remodeling is part of the new trend.

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