Great Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

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It’s a well-known fact that social medial is more powerful than ever it was before. Everything people do these days from getting ready in the morning to vacation posts, they take no time to share it on social media channels. Most of the leisure time people spending scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

That’s why social media is the best for boosting your business. Instagram has become more popular and is being used for business promotions because of its exceptional features.

In a world where you instinctively press the skip icon for advertising on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram stories are like a breath of fresh air which you want to see.

Before you even realize, you have tapped through 20 people’s Instagram stories, swiped up to view links from celebrities’ pages, watched 7 adverts, and wonder where the last 30 minutes of your life vanished.

The addictive stories keep you glued for more time than you plan to. The curiosity to see what is coming next, keep you busy clicking the stories rather than exiting it. Instagram stories are perfect for business to be as they fasten users into watching stuff unknowingly.

Here are some of the ways you can use Instagram stories to raise brand awareness, grow engagement and convert potential customers:

  1. Poll Questions 

Boring customer questionnaires are thing of past now. Get your answers with a simple click!

A great way to steer interaction with your followers is by adding polls to your Instagram stories. You can put poll questions for customer feedback, market research, to know your potential audience and their demands better while having a bit of fun. There are endless options for polls and you can create campaigns relevant to your brand.

  1. Announcements

With instant coffee and instant pasta in trend, people are going for everything quick and on the spot.

As Instagram Stories are of instant nature, they are an awesome way to share business announcements such as product launch, new offers and general updates regarding the brand. It is a great chance to post behind the scene clips of your product preparation or business insights, making people more aware of your brand. Besides, it will help users to know you and your business in a better way.

  1. Reaction Sliders

React in a fun way through reaction sliders on Instagram Stories!

Instagram Stories algorithm is all about interactions, feedback regarding how good the content is, and to keep the users engaged. That is why it is the best tact to use reaction sliders to boost customer engagement with your brand. You can use this feature to know how much your audiences like your new product or services. Reaction slider can be used in several creative ways to gage your users.

  1. Quick Questions

Asking questions made fun with Instagram Stories!

Brands can invite their potential audience to ask them questions and know what they think with the awesome question stickers on Stories. You can also let your customers ask any question to you, any inquiries or doubts they have regarding your business which you can post on Stories. This will help you build connection with your audience connect on a personal level. This shows how much you value their opinion and helps you build customer loyalty.

  1. Hashtags

Make every story visible with hashtags! After all, Instagram is all about to bring together people from all walks of life with common interests.

Add your Instagram Story to the larger pile of stories with similar hashtags making it reach people who are not following you but may end following you with your story. Research the relevant hashtags which are more likely to be used by your target audience and your competitors, and use the same to enhance brand awareness.

  1. Instagram Live

Go Live and entice your audience!

Prepare for going live in advance and let your audience know when it will be happening in advance. Going live on Instagram is the best to increase user engagement. You can go live for any product launch, telling the manufacturing process, explaining your services or anything related to your business and the people behind the venture, the list is simply endless. Instagram sends push notifications to your followers to let them know you are streaming live.

  1. Contests and Competition

Create a buzz by hosting a contest on Instagram Story and give away your products to the winner!

As the story exists for only 24 hours, running a contest over it will create a kind of urgency among your followers. You can use Instagram Story to promote the competition which is taking place on your main page. Push your followers in the right direction with the Stories. You can use hashtags such as #competition, #contest, or #winprizes which will make your story discoverable to people who are presently not your follower and thus increase your reach.

  1. Collaboration

Stories are the perfect platform for business and other influencers to collaborate.

Instagram gives you a chance to collaborate with relevant businesses you think your customers may like or benefit from it. You can team up with great influencers as they can persuade others by the virtue of their authenticity and trustworthiness to follow your brand account which will further help you in the enhancement of your product. You can also partner with authentic website to gain more genuine followers as it will increase the credibility of your brand.


Utilize Instagram stories to showcase your business and brand. Keeping in view the constant advancement in features of Instagram to encourage conversation, customer-brand interactions on Stories are going to get bigger and better in the coming days.

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