Efficient Lead Generation for New SMBs – 5 Actionable Tips

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The initial thought of business owners facing the huge cyberspace must be how they’ll generate leads and attract potential customers. 

The good news is that there are some pretty efficient tactics to overcome the initial stage and start generating both leads and clients. 

There’s no bad news as is, but it does take some practice and patience for our strategies to start yielding results. 

So, stay with us for the next few paragraphs to read our five actionable tips on effective lead generation for SMBs. 

1. Identify the target audience

Determining your potential clients is the beginning of the lead-generation process. 

Ask yourself the following questions to create an average person that you’re aiming at:

  • Who are the people that you want to buy your products or use your services? 
  • How much do they earn?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their social and economic status?
  • What are their interests?

When you write down all these answers, you’ll have a clearer image of your target population. Once you know all these data, it will be easier to make a marketing plan and start your branding campaign. 

2. Create free educational content

Every person (and persona) likes free and useful content. This is what many new SMB-owners don’t understand. They try to sell things so hard that their approach turns out to be too aggressive for most potential customers. 

Instead of that, go for a less invasive and more effective strategy – offer applicable content for free. Share your experiences and tips that helped you throughout your career. If you have working experience as an employee, before you launched your business, talk about those events, as well. The more practical tips you share, the more potential readers, clients, and customers will your business recruit. 

When you’re making a plan for those educational content bits, write down all digital channels that you want to use. For instance, add blog posts, guides, and tutorials to this list. Also, think about sending regular newsletters to all your subscribers, with informative and educational articles and business lessons. 

YouTube can be a practical companion on this road to lead generation. Shooting and posting original business videos about the industry you’re working in, together with actionable business examples guarantee a higher number of views and potential buyers. 

3. Launch special campaigns

Closely related to the previous two paragraphs, you should launch special campaigns within your digital marketing strategy. 

The aforementioned free content that will educate your potential clients is one of these campaigns. 

Moreover, every SMB-owner should start special campaigns on social media. For instance, Facebook offers dozens of parameters that can help you create a personalized campaign for your products and services. You can choose from various features that refer to target audiences. In line with the questions you’ve answered in the first paragraph, it should not be hard for you to come up with different campaigns for different purposes. 

In addition to social media, you should include special campaigns in your newsletters. Limited offers, discounts, and promotional subscription packages are only some of the cases that deserve your special attention. 

Of course, set a budget limit for such campaigns and calculate if there are any increases in profits once they’re completed. This will give you a proper insight into the benefits of such actions. 

4. Ask for people’s opinions

As people spend more and more time on the Internet, the percentage of active users is growing, as well. 

This means that more and more people leave comments under blog posts or reviews about their experiences with different products and services. 

Such information isn’t useful only for other Internet users, but business owners can benefit from it, as well.

You can enable your leads to leave their comments below your blog posts, guides, and articles. The educational content described above should inspire some of the visitors topraise your website. 

Also, you should publish people’s reviews of your services and products. These insights will be valuable for new potential leads and users when they’re in two minds over your offers. 

Finally, register your venture to Google My Business. That way, people will be able to leave reviews about you on Google, and which will be beneficial to other users. 

5. Polish your landing pages

All the actions and tips shared above will help you convince intentional and accidental leads to become your clients. Still, this is not the end of your lead generation. Once you’ve persuaded your potential audience to come to your website, it’s important what they see when they get there. 

For starters, free your landing pages of all unnecessary details. As suggested by the web experts from a Web design company in Houston, those pages shouldn’t contain any distractors. Leave only clear calls to action that will help the visitors to complete the activity they’ve come for. 

Also, don’t overdo with visual details on other website sections. Keep the information clear and easy to understand. These tricks will help you avoid ambiguity and provide your visitors with the necessary information. 

Lead generation might sound complicated for rookie SMB-owners. In fact, there are some clear rules that you need to follow if you want things to take off. Set your target audience and share beneficial practical content with potential leads. Start special campaigns for special products, services, and offers. Target segments of your audience here to make them more effective. 

Also, encourage your leads and clients to leave their comments on their satisfaction with your business. 

Finally, prepare the landing pages on the website for the generated leads so that they can complete the intended actions as quickly as possible. 

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