The comparison between WordPress and Motocms

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If the query rises that which content management software product is better between WordPress and Motocms It is better to cross check  the solotuions and features embedded in both of them.  In this process first of all their overall ratings should be compared.  Then secondly, the users satisfaction and thirdly to check their inimatable features and similarities as a result to come to a fruitful conclusion that which CMS outshines other with their astounding performance.  To compare and contrast both the products in terms of general aspects the following interpretations can be considered:

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WordPress  WordPress is a popular and simple open source content management and blogging system possessing a simple interface whicd not at all requires HTMP or FTP knowhow.


Motocms:   Motocms is latest in content management system Guest posting sites which has been built in to create and to maintain the professional websites of various business houses.


The following given useful information relates to the types of clients pertaining to both products.


WordPress  Here the clients hails from small businesses and large enterprises and medium businesses.  They are freelancers.  The available languages in it constitutes are USA and International.  This product integrates with third party aps and systems such as; Active campaign, Bitium, campaign monitor, constant contact and lastly live agent.  The WordPress possesses the following smart features such as simpliocity, inbuilt comments, flexibility, search of engine optimization, easy to publish and so on.  The WordPress supports the following operating systems like windows, android, iphone, ipad, web based mac and so on.  The leading clients who are well related to WordPress are Herald sun, Vogue India and WNBA.

moto cms

Motocms:   Here the clients comes from small and medium businesses.  They are also free lancers.  It adapts the available laguages are USA, UK Canada Germany and International.  Motocms integrates with business systems and applications such as; social widgets viz; Pinterest board,  Facebook feed and finally twitter timeline.  The Motocms constitutes the following best features such as hundreds of inbuilt templates, simple drag and drop website builder, Large widgets collection and so on.  Motocms supports the operating systems like windows, web based and as well as mac.  The popular clients constituted by Motocms are Blue oceans Media, Swiss virtual and Caffeine marketing.


It may not only always enough to compare and contrast both the products with each other since, the embedded features viz, reliable tools, cost economy and customers comments are vital in making an ultimate decision to verify for products recognition and merit.  If it comes to talk about the prices of both the products WordPress is available on internet for free of cost.  The only thing needed is to download the WordPress and install.  But only at the time of hosting the websites it is to be needed some amount.  But the remaining entire gamut of the software can be utilized at free of cost.  It is crystal clear to say that a very lesser amount can be invested for developing a website inWordpress Services.


Whereas in Motocms for downloading and to install it is compulsory to have license which has to be purchases.  Since, the license is purchased it is not be considered that everything is ready for development as a result one should not get relaxed.  Because in the midst of the process templates are needed and they are to be purchased again.  Even Plugins shoud be purchased.  Many site users and developers are in concept that since, the investment is made while at the time of developement they thinks that their product output is better.  But that is not true.  Because the CMS products are not at all proportional to investments.


Motocms can be chosen for business websites to have tempting appearances than to professional type.  WordPress can be chosen for the professional websites such as corporates.  An individual with lack of knowledge in coding can also work on development of websites in MOTOCMS.

Where as in WordPress it is compulsory to have a knowhow of exploration of coding languages such as HTML.  WordPress enables more plugins freely in contrast to that of Motocms.


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