Best Features Of Huawei P20

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Huawei P20

The P20 model of Huawei was launched in March 2018. It is priced in the Indian subcontinent for Rs 54, 999. The phone comes with a 5. 08 inches screen.

The basic specification of the phone includes 4 GB RAM with 128 GB of internal storage. The phones come with powerful cameras of 20 megapixel rear and 24 Megapixel front facing the camera. These resolutions help you capture the perfect shots. The phone runs on an Android 8.1 Oreo and runs on a 3400 mah powered battery. The phone is a dual sim phone with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The advanced features include sensors like proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and accelerometer.

Make the best use of the Amazon Mobile offers to get this phone for yourself. Take a look at the amazing features that the phone offers to the buyers.

Amazing color

The phone is available in exciting color options for the phone body. Huawei offers colors like Black, Midnight blue, Champagne Gold, Pink Gold, and Twilight.

These colors will make your phone look awesome and attractive. It will make the phone stand apart in the crowd of the common phones. Get the color that you love by Amazon mobile.

Eye-catching design accompanied by optical coatings

The Huawei P20 and also the P20 Pro, the advanced version are both quite different from their predecessors. They are very fashion forward and up to fate with the modernities of the time. The phone, its colors and the hue of the body after reflecting the light show to be purely aesthetic. To own this aesthetic masterpiece use you amazon mobile codes.

Large high- resolution displays

The Huawei P20 comes with an attractive display screen. The 5. 8 inches long screed has a 3 dimensional glass. As Huawei calls it, the mobile has a full view display and a notch design which is a rather trending and a widespread feature in phones these days. The 3D display phone can be bought on amazon website.

Leica Cameras

One of the features of the Huawei P20 phone is the Lecia dual camera. It is as good as any professional camera. Encompassed with a 12 MP RGB and a 20 MP monochrome. It contains a color temperature sensor which helps for better color retainment. It also contains the trending mode of super slow motion.

Battery life to rely on

Given that the phone is equipped with many advanced features, it would have been unfair for the phone to have an average battery life. it would be like the case of a person who is offered with a lot of delicacies and dished from the world but doesn’t have teeth to eat.

To do proper justice to the modernities and the powerful features of the phone, the brand, Huawei has employed the phone with a 3,400 mah powered batteries.

Superior Photography with the help of Master AI

With the help of master AI, the phone will enhance your pictures automatically to give you the perfect color and it also has many modes enabled through the Master AI. There are more than 500 scenarios and about 19 categories in which you can use your skills in photography. The categories that are offered under which you can adapt to 500 + scenarios with the aster AI are food, cat, group, close up, natural, night shot, text, greenery, portrait, dog, blue sky, fireworks, stage, flower, document, sunset, snow, waterfall, and beach

Shortcuts that are operated through knuckle gestures

Operating the phone via your fingers is mainstream and prevalent but it is given a new definition and an advanced tough by Huawei brand. the brand has the phone model P20 empowered with knuckle gestures. Yes, you read it right! If you own this phone there are a series of tasks that you will be able to do by some basic knuckle gestures. It takes the feels of a mobile phone that is corresponding to macro keys, that the Pc productivity junkies rely on.  to get your Knuckles (pun intended) on the new and intriguing technology.

Automatic Phone Optimization with the help of Phone Manager

In today’s hectic life and a never ending to do list, it is but natural for small things to slip from the mind. Optimizing your phone is one such task. But you need not to worry about it if you have used your amazon mobile coupons wisely and got yourself the Huawei P20 phone. It pretty much takes care of this issue that you might have with its automatic phone optimization thus enabling your phone to function smoothly without giving you much trouble. So, optimizing your phone is just one tap away for you If you use this phone.

The phone also presents to you a graph that informs you and keeps you updated with the amount of data that you have consumed. This is a very beneficial feature for the ones who run their phones on a limited data plan and in this way keeping a check will be easy and convenient for them. the phone also scans itself for viruses for your long term benefit.

Get Double

There is a feature in the phone that will help you to use double accounts simultaneously on your phone for the same kind of apps but different accounts. It works for applications like telegram, WhatsApp, we chat and the ones of similar kind.

With the help of the App twin feature, your worries, in this case, will be put to an end. The app provides you with a duplicate of your app and the copy of the app works separately. It does not interchange the data and information of the duplicate accound with the original account. You can conveniently  work from two different profiles on the same phone.

This is the right kind of app that will better help you to sort and keep away your personal life from your professional life.

These were some of the exciting features of the Huawei P20 which you make you fall in love with the phone. To get the phone on exciting prices use amazon mobile coupons and experience the beauty of it.

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