What’s the difference between a shared and dedicated server

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Shopping for the best server to host your business can become a daunting task. But with an in-depth understanding of the difference between the two servers, you will be in the better place to make the right choice. Moreover, there are a lot of factors to be considered before deciding on your best fit server. The variance in the cost, number of users and their performance form some of the factors. Some of the major differences include

shared and dedicated server

  1. Hosting Difference.

Dedicated server are hosted on a one server, one business and one website basis. The latter aspect allows the owners of the website to have total control of his/her own website. This further enables him/her to choose a suitable maintenance and security system that he deems fit. On the other hand, the shared servers hosts great number of websites on one server. Most at times the shared servers are provided by web hosting companies. The website owners usually purchase hosting plans from the companies and set their website per the choosing company requirement.

  1. Disk space difference.

Dedicated servers are not limited to a particular space. This may be due to the fact that the dedicated server only hosts one or two websites. However, while using the shared servers, clients are limited to a particular space size that their website should not exceed. But, if your website exceeds the given limit, you will accrue additional charges from the hosting company

  1. Cost difference

Many small website owners prefer to shop for shared servers unlike the dedicated servers. With at least $5a month, you will be able to get web hosting services from different web hosting companies. Their cost is effective and affordable. This may be due to the fact that the cost of hosting the websites is shared among many different users. On the other hand, the cost of repairing and Maintenance of the dedicated server are beared by one person. This can be more costly for Small Medium Enterprises

  1. Performance Difference

Dedicated server boost of high level of performance and speed than the shared server. The faster response time of the dedicated servers may be due to the fact that this servers are limited to the use of one or just a few websites.  On the other hand shred servers have limited response time. This is solely due to the higher number of websites Guest posting sites which are hosted on one field. Moreover dedicated servers usually allows higher level of control than the shared servers. Thus there is a very small window that the dedicated servers may be blacklisted. The reverse is true for the shared servers. The shares server’s users may perform certain unethical facts that my lead to the closure of the whole IP address.

  1. Technical difference.

Most at times, the windows dedicated server banks on the owner of the website to apply his skills in the server maintenance and security issues. The owner must have technical skills that will aid in the managing of the websites. The reverse is true for the shared serves as the owner requires less technical to maintain the website. Therefore the owner requires less technical skills for website maintenance.

In conclusion, when selecting a server to host your website, you can put the some of the well explained points in the article in consideration.

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