Things to consider when redesigning your logo

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A logo is a central and ultimate attraction of a website. It goes without saying that a great logo leaves a good first impression on the customers. Even the minor elements in the logo design affect the logo design like the color, font, or the text on the logo can have a big impact on the customer’s eye.

Things to consider when redesigning your logo

Before you decide to redesign your logo, you need to know if it’s the right time to design your logo. Perhaps you would want your logo to get a new makeover and need to modernize it according to the latest trends. Before you dive into rebranding your logo you need to keep few things in mind before getting started:

  1. Evaluate branding goals

Before you begin with redesigning your logo, you need to understand what your business comprises of and what you desire it to be. It’s important to first decide whether you’re planning to redesign a currently existing logo or you’re planning to make a new logo. For big enterprises like Starbucks and McDonalds, there will be hesitation to remake their logo as people know their brand through a logo and it has stuck in their mind. A redesign should be such that creates an impact on the user’s eye and should be memorable.

  1. Keep it simple

Another essence of branding is to keep the logo design simple. Taking an example of the famous brands such as Nokia, Apple, or Nike they convey the brand message with simple logos and their logos are Guest posting sites memorable. Every individual can tell the swoosh logo is of Nike or the Apple logo is a brilliant masterpiece that indicates Apple brand. Make sure to design a simple easy to understand logo which is memorable and easy to reproduce in the same size.

  1. Stand out from the competition

You need to take a look at your competitor’s logo when rebranding your logo. Figure out the necessary steps you should be taking in order to stand out from your competition. Think about all the attractive elements that can be included in the design and incorporate it in your way. Do a competitive research that will help you get an idea of their preferences then accordingly use the latest trends and techniques in the remaking to make its own recognition.

  1. Disassociate from the past

When you’re planning to redesign your logo you might be thinking of revising the name and logo design of your brand. When you’re thinking to redesign, make sure you redesign it with the features you would want to see with the brand logo. Earlier Pepsi was entitled as Pepsi Cola, but after Coca-Cola became a brand Pepsi disassociated itself from Cola in its name and was left with Pepsi. This is one example of how the famous beverage brand disassociated its brand name from the past.

  1. Publicize your rebranding

Once you have redesigned your logo, start acknowledging your customers about your new logo. Create awareness about your logo rebranding among the people through your website and social media platform. While redesigning if you think that the customer experience is going to change and the way they navigate to your pages then you need to inform them beforehand about the change that will occur to avoid any inconvenience.

Redesigning your logo is not a bad idea. An effective logo redesign will allow your business to witness new opportunities and exhibit more what the company and brand stand for. A lot of consideration, pre-planning, and careful execution is required in your logo redesign to assure that you’re creating a memorable experience for the users.

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