Smart Web Designing Tips For Your Startup

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Setting up a startup is a challenging job as they need to set up their venture without any support or funding. They get investment only after their startup is up and running and succeeding.

For this, they need to promote their work online, but since the budget is low, it becomes really problematic to hire a professional designer. But that is no reason to lose hope, I am here to tell you some smart tips that will help you in web designing which help you in marketing your new startup and find both investors and customers.

Smart Web Designing Tips For Your Startup

Here are some Smart web designing tips for your startup:

  1. Invest in a decent logo

Logo the most important feature of your visual identity is the core factor of making your brand known amongst your client and customer. You must have a logo that is elegant, decent, bold yet simple and delivers the core message of your startup to the viewers. If you find an affordable but quality logo designer good otherwise there are tools online like Canva that are free and help you design a good Logo on your own.

Use your slogan with the logo and use colors that complement with each other and most importantly resonate it with your brand name so that people remember it when they see the latter.

  1. Take help from freelance designers by offering them your expertise

Since startups have a tight budget it is very crucial to plan the financial aspect and invest in the area, that can’t be done on your own. Designing is something you can try using all the help of free tools on the internet, but if you are not able to, then find some Freelancer designer who would be glad to help you in exchange for your services or expertise.

There are some people who would work for you in return for some services that you offer them instead of cash. Use your knowledge of the business world and make acquaintance with such people. 

  1. Include Images from free stock

Quality images in your website or your social accounts and blog post will definitely help you win more consumers. A picture speaks louder than words and can help you connect with your consumers at an emotional level.

Also, a post with images sometimes does wonder and sends out a message in a better way than words bringing more traffic and higher user engagement.

But since you are new, you may not know how to find the right image that doesn’t cost a lot. Duplicating images is not an option, but you can surf these websites that have high-quality stock of free images and select the most relevant one:

  1. User generated content is a great tool

User-generated content is the best marketing tool startups have at their disposal. Not only does it make you known amongst people but also get you amazing content free of cost. The best way to get this by organizing some event or quizzes on your social media sites, consumers will love to participate in them and you get content and images.

Also, you can ask them to drop a mail to them with their free gift or even review their service which again is good for getting a high-quality image and a great testimonial for free.

  1. Design your own website

A website is the most important tool that will make your brand known worldwide and help increase your revenue. Designing the same can be tricky if you don’t have a big budget to hire a web designer. But if you have great learning skills and patience there are the lot of tools that can help you create a CMS website like WordPress.

WordPress is the coolest and most sought after web designing tool that even professional use nowadays. For beginners it has a free and simple template that meets the entire requirement for a great website.  Just make sure you have these plugins:

  • Yoast SEO- it takes care of the page’s SEO need which is crucial for ranking and traffic.
  • Akismet- to have no spam comments
  • W3 super cache- or improving speed and loading time
  • Social sharing buttons- so that consumers can share what they like on social media- a great promoting technique.

Designing is an intricate art, only patience and practice will help you get better. Since you are a startup, until you make enough profit to invest in designing, it’s best to do it yourself or partner up with some designer who shares your business interest.

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