Revolutionizing AgriTech with Custom Software Solutions

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Revolutionizing AgriTech with Custom Software Solutions

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AgriTech, one of the oldest industries has dramatically transformed in the last decade, fundamentally via the use of cutting-edge technology to improve productivity, sustainability, and efficiency in farming methods. Even though there are many AgriTech options out there, the agriculture sector still has unmet demand, which shows that the industry is on the right track to grow.

While numerous off-the-shelf AgriTech solutions exist, many businesses opt for custom development to address their specific needs and elevate industry standards. Agiliway, a software development company with expertise in crafting complex, user-friendly, and maintainable systems, recently partnered with a German client to enhance a livestock breeding platform and develop a mobile application.

Enhancing the Existing Platform

Our client, a prominent player in the livestock breeding industry, sought to upgrade their existing platform to better serve the needs of farmers and analysts. The platform, designed to track and manage livestock data, lacked certain functionalities and required significant improvements. Agiliway involvement focused on:

  • addressing existing bugs to enhance functionality;
  • reorganizing and streamlining the platform’s architecture for improved performance;
  • creating custom widgets to display specific components of the solution;
  • translating the code from German to English for a wider audience.

The platform offers two versions to cater to customers’ diverse requirements: a free version and a premium version. Hence, both versions also provide distinct sets of features.

Benefits and Solutions of AgriTech Processes

The Agiliway team prioritized two essential factors throughout the project: compliance with German regulations and a focus on commercial objectives. The German standards pertaining to the quality of animal products are strict, and the solution must be able to align with these criteria smoothly.

Furthermore, the precisely developed platform was specifically built to cater to the essential needs of farmers, business analysts, and local authorities. This guarantees that final clients obtain the utmost quality items.

The AgriTech solution delivers a wealth of benefits to users, including:

  1. Improved data collection, tracking, and analytics:

Farmers gain comprehensive data on animal growth, weight, meat-to-bone ratio, and other critical metrics. This data empowers them to make informed decisions to optimize animal health and final product quality.

  1. Precision feeding:

The solution offers accurate feeding guidelines derived from up-to-date data, guaranteeing that animals get the most suitable diet for optimum development and well-being. As a result, there is a decrease in expenses for animal feed and an enhancement in the well-being of the animals.

  1. Environmental sustainability:

Through the monitoring of the bone-to-meat ratio and other pertinent data, farmers may adopt more sustainable feeding methods, therefore decreasing wastage and reducing the negative environmental impacts of their farming operations.

  1. Increased productivity and profitability:

The platform’s extensive functionality enables farmers to track and compare their production data with competitors. This data-driven approach fosters informed decision-making, leading to higher productivity through better management practices, improved product quality, and reduced losses.

Remote monitoring: Farmers gain remote access to their livestock data, allowing them to manage their operations effectively and identify areas for improvement. These remote monitoring capabilities enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

  1. Market access and traceability:

The AgriTech system offers traceability and record-keeping functionalities, allowing farmers and analysts to examine market trends, find the most advantageous sales prospects, and improve their market strategy.

  1. Regulatory compliance:

The software streamlines the process of submitting documents for regulatory inspections, guaranteeing adherence to local standards and promoting customer confidence.

Conclusion: Future for AgriTech

AgriTech stands poised as a pivotal force in shaping a prosperous and sustainable future for agriculture. While off-the-shelf solutions offer a starting point, custom development empowers businesses to tailor solutions to their specific needs and requirements.

AgriTech offers a multitude of benefits to the agriculture industry, encompassing enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability. By leveraging AgriTech solutions, farmers gain insights into their operations, business analysts extract valuable data to drive growth strategies, and local authorities ensure the quality and safety of animal products. Custom software development can help revolutionize the agriculture industry, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for farmers, businesses, and consumers alike.

With the support of Agiliway development, our customer was able to enhance their current solution and launch a very successful mobile app. The client’s portal was upgraded via system reorganization, the addition of new widgets, and the redesign of existing components. These changes resulted in better scalability, a more user-friendly interface, and greater usability.

Farmers get insight into the operational requirements imposed by the law and identify necessary adaptations to thrive in a competitive market. Thanks to the platform’s comprehensive analytics, company owners have a precise understanding of animal feeding procedures, such as determining the appropriate kinds of food and essential treatments.

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