Getting Inspiration from Mobile Dating Apps – Ways to Improve Your Designs

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It isn’t easier to make improvements to the mobile app’s design. Since the space is restricted, it becomes very tough to do much. Also the attention span of mobile users is short. They expect a speedier, more convenient, and engaging experience when using apps.

Realistically, how many other ways can there be to satisfy these expectations that haven’t already been done before?

It is surprising but true that mobile dating apps are very successful. It will not be wrong to say that developers of mobile dating apps have done a great job engaging attention of users. They have created an addictive experience to allow users come back more than once (almost daily).

Mobile Dating Apps

Now the question is how does this success happen? What is the secret?

Here are the secret ingredients of mobile dating apps that make them a great success:

Most people who have built a mobile app know how difficult it is to get people to download it to their phone. Additionally, it is more difficult to keep it installed and use it regularly.

Experienced app developers know that around 23 per cent of mobile app users will use an app only once prior to abandoning it. Also, there are only 38 per cent of mobile app users who use an app over eleven times.

Why? Well, some of the mobile app concepts simply make more sense than others. This is also the reason they are better received by users. It all depends on delivering the best to users, give a unique design to the app, add value, and functionality to it.

When it comes to mobile dating apps, the concept is not different from traditional dating websites aim at accomplishing. Both help people find a mate. Developers who have taken into account the requirements in the context of a mobile device have made their app popular.

So, what’s the secret? What’s the reason so many people flock to these sites?

The best kept secret is that these developers understand the success of these apps is attributed to much more than the quality of matches. It is also about understanding what differentiates website Guest posting sites experience from app experience. Speed and convenience are crucial elements that help users find a match. This is only possible if you choose to create a smart design.

Things to Learn From Mobile Dating Apps

To create high-value experience for your mobile app, go through some of the most successful dating apps, especially Tinder and Bumble, the leaders in the arena.

Design for Mobile

If it is a mobile app, you need to design for mobile. Do not make your users fill in dozens of questions about themselves. Give easier is clicking and drop down option. Since the space on mobile is limited, input fields on contact forms should be simplified.

Look for ways to make it more convenient for users to log in. They should not feel burdened when providing information. Facebook logins are popular with mobile apps. For instance, Huggle allows Facebook login.

Go for Dominant Colors

Color is definitely an integral part of a web design. Most dating sites use brighter colors to ensure call for action.

Streamline Navigation

Mobile users mainly depend on a single thumb to interact with their device. Hence, it is crucial to understand this requirement. The navigation on mobile apps is always bottom-aligned. It is visible as and when users interact with the main part of the app.

The Swiping

Mobile dating apps use left and right swipe. Some of these add a swipe up to scroll through pictures. Some may do it for liking someone. This kind of navigation is highly simplified and reduced to the two options.

Although swiping function may not make sense for the app you develop, it is all about understanding and applying the fundamental theory for your own requirements. In short, you need to know the way to keep users engaged actively with app sans forcing them to wait for new tabs, pages, images of product images to load. Also find out if there is a way to keep the users on the same screen yet enable them to move through varied parts of the app. If you are looking for app development company so please visit:

The swipe helps merging navigating act through content with entering a specific action on that content.

Gamify Interactions

Gamification is a technique that keeps users engaged on mobile apps. A system of reward and risk will make gamification work. Risk may come in the form logging in to the app daily, filling out a profile, rating users, swiping on a specific number of people, and communicating in a specific timeframe.

Dating apps have their own unique and preferred system of gamification which is closely associated with brand identity. Gamification is mainly about motivating users to open the app almost daily and engage with it truly.

Easier Communication

When it comes to a website, there are a number of opportunities to establish communication with users. A lot of things are available, including email, popups, remarketing, hello bars, in-browser notifications, and push notifications.

Unfortunately, most of these techniques may not fit well into a mobile app. In fact, push notification is the only form of communication, mobile dating apps use. Research has revealed that around 46 per cent of mobile users will return to an app over 11 times once they receive in-app messages. Push notifications hold a capacity to deliver timely news and reminders to users.


A number of key lessons can be learnt by each web developer from mobile dating apps. However, it is more important to know what your audience wants and understanding the value app holds for them. Once you understand this, it is time to deliver that through a smart simple design.

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