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What is the Girlfriend Experience

Our most renowned and well-known service, the girlfriend experience is a way to experience a relaxed, unrushed, and sensual night with any one of our beautiful ladies. We shun the rushed approach to intimacy in the bedroom that many other escort companies take, and instead, value the anticipation through affection and intimacy that extends beyond the physical. We believe in valuable companionships and thoughtful conversation, and through our elite service, you’re delivered all that magic and more.

For the new gentleman, here’s a breakdown of our Girlfriend Experience, and why we whole-heartedly recommend it.

What is the Girlfriend Experience?

Our Elite Girlfriend Experience is a service we offer where the client meets with one of our ladies for a proper date night, filled with all of the good things that come with getting to know somebody new. As outcall escorts we don’t meet gentlemen at a “common” location, meaning that our clients can enjoy the whole experience of winning and dining a beautiful woman in a true date setting and be sure that she is going to enjoy their company.

We want to create a warm, inviting, and sensual atmosphere, where both the client and their date can have a fantastic time in the build-up to intimacy.

Furthermore, these experiences allow you to enjoy each other’s company as equals in a neutral setting, and the clients are assured that they will be spending the evening with someone as sophisticated, intelligent, and well-mannered as they are. And of course, we cannot forget that each of our ladies is breathtakingly beautiful from head to toe.

Why The GFE?

It’s our belief that getting to know the person you’ll be intimate with is a crucial part of creating a wonderful sexual experience. As a client with us, you’ll be shown a wonderful night with an intelligent and gorgeous woman, and it will be as a date, not as a service you are paying for.

Many people find the experience of paying for sex or company to be an awkward one, and who can blame them? Often, it’s treated as a quick and dirty deal with little consideration for either the client or the escort involved, which usually leaves both parties feeling dissatisfied and lonely.

A night with our escorts in Melbourne won’t feel like just a mere transaction – but an exclusive experience that satisfies all the senses.

The date is a truly enjoyable experience for our premium escorts in Melbourne – they take the time out of their days to dress up, do their hair and make-up, and get excited for a night of luscious intimacy with a gentleman! They have often said that they feel as if they are being treated to the “boyfriend experience” as well, so it never just feels like they are engaging your company as a service, making it a truly authentic and enjoyable night for everyone involved. Our ladies lead entirely different lives, and they are selective of every booking offered to them, so if you have a night with one of them it’s because they chose to, exactly like a date.

It’s also important to keep in mind that they do not see different clients multiple times a day or even a week, so each of our clients and our ladies ends up building a strong relationship with who they meet. Each time we accept a booking, we are choosing to take the time out of our daily lives to get ready and go out. We choose your company and you choose ours, so you can be sure that you’ll have a wonderful time no matter what.

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