Email marketing is more alive than ever

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Email marketing is a not such a popular tool among many companies anymore as it may be considered an out-dated technique. Due to the amount of new tool used by companies old school style of marketing does not sound as efficient. Nevertheless, email marketing campaigns can be successful as well as affordable.

Email marketing is more alive than ever

Although the amount of people you might target is high, the level of response from target users is generally low. The users that these campaigns target have shown an interest in the company or product before. So they were happy to share personal information with the company in order to get discounts, information, and special deals… The easiest way to get this information is what we know nowadays as the newsletters, generally you have the chance to join them through the official website of the company, social media or blogs.

The objective, once you have a large amount of customer data, is segmentation. By knowing certain aspects of the customers such as age, interests, gender, geographical location, etc. we are able to make homogeneous groups with same interests and characteristics. Once we have analysed the segments of the market, we address the campaign exclusively for that target audience. Keep in mind that the abuse of this email marketing tools causes, in some cases, the opposite reaction; people stop reading the emails and start ignoring any information from the remittent.

The main benefit of this kind of this kind of campaign is the fact Guest posting sites that you communicate a personalised message, which is adjusted to the needs of the target audience. Therefore, you are more likely to inform about something that could be relevant for them as well as make them feel special and exclusives. This is not the most expensive marketing campaign, as it just requires updating of the webpages and creativity to find new ways of increasing customer data.

For an email campaign to be successful, a large amount of creativity will need to be involved. Email accounts generally receive huge amounts of incoming emails every day, therefore only emails that actually stand out will be taken into consideration. These and the below are the aspects that an excellent email marketing campaign must have, if you feel you have everything under control you may go ahead and test your first email campaign, however if you are unsure on how to proceed there are digital experts and PPC agencies that will be able to help you design a successful email marketing campaigns.


Is the first thing the receiver will read about the campaign, and it could be determining elements in the decision of finally opening the email. Is must be catchy, honest and resume the body of the message. Titles that suggest any kind of mystery or surprises are welcome. Instead, lies to make the email more interest makes customers angry and gives a bad reputation of the sender.


Personalise the message with the information you might have about the person, without looking like a stalker. A common practice is to add the name of the remittent in the first paragraphs of the message or even in the title, this way we referee to him or her (the remittent) as an individual person, and not as a group. There are more ways of personalising the email, for example by just giving relevant information for the specific target.

Email marketing is more alive than ever


Last but not least, the email should communicate something, it must contain a clear message and attractive to the target. The communication in the email should match the general tone of communication of the company.

Despite the fact that some experts believe email marketing is over, results show that is still an efficient and profitable way of increasing sales, awareness and create a relationship with our public.

This article has been written by Abril, a copywriter for the London-based digital agency Gloc Media.

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