How to Boost Your E-commerce Sales in 2018

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As you enter an online store nowadays, the offers will fly you over. For instance, unto 35% off, buy one get one free, a reduced price, free shipping on all orders, etc. The possibilities are endless. Getting inspired by successful e-stores, most retailers try to come up with many exciting offers and discounts. But, most of them fail to attract customers and boost sales.

2017 has provided many great opportunities to the startups and well-established to get the desired success. Being a business owner, you also need to be prepared for 2018. You can improve your ecommerce sales by following some easiest tips.

boost ecommerce sale

PracticalWays to Improve Ecommerce Sales

As an aspiring online retailer, you can choose from numerous tips to boost sales. These possibilities become even greater if you decide to set up online actions. You are no longer bound by the dimensions of your physical store. These are all actions that can be set up using the internet. Let’s find out, how?

  • Contests via social media

With a social media action, you can increase the popularity of your business. For many startups, the Facebook profile is an extra business card, where they are in direct contact with the target group. Common actions on Facebook are raffles among the ‘likers’ of a page, and photo or video competitions where participants can leave a comment. Twitter is also a frequently used medium for winning campaigns. Participants usually win a prize by following the company on Twitter and then retweet the message about the contest. A winner can then be drawn among all persons who have shared the message. Don’t forget to Guest posting sites share the same on Instagram which has become the most powerful social platform widely used for lead conversion. With such strategies, you can spread your message to a large target group in a short time and thereby increase your brand awareness.

  • Online Discount Codes

Discount codes are popular. Years ago they were mainly used by large companies as a marketing tool. Meanwhile, this trend has also spread to the rest of the world. With an online discount code or discount coupon, customers receive discounts in physical stores or in web shops. For example, you can consider direct discounts on a purchase, no calculation of shipping costs, discounts on a subsequent purchase or a free product.

  • Reach Sleeping Customers

With online promotions, you can reach ‘sleeping’ customers. For example, you can address people who have ever bought something from you but have not purchased any products lately. If you distribute a newsletter, you also reach subscribers who read your newsletter but usually do not buy anything. By sending these customers a personal offer, you can promote purchases.

  • Offer Discount Codes Or Coupons

Actions are wanted. Nowadays, more and more people search online for discount codes or coupons in search engines such as Google. These codes and coupons are not only increasingly being searched, but are also increasingly being exchanged. With online promotions, you can win so-called bargain hunters for you and thus increase your turnover. In USA, almost all large companies use discount coupons. Therefore, coupons and vouchers should be an important part of your competitive strategy.

  • Trigger Actions

Trigger actions are (pre-set) messages that are sent on the basis of triggers such as the birthdays of customers. Imagine that a new customer has registered with you online, and has entered the date of birth. You can choose to offer a particular customer a special offer on the occasion of his/her anniversary. The customer may place an order and will also be appreciated by the personal offer. You can also choose to offer a similar product exactly one year after the first order.

  • Keep Updating

With an online campaign, you can achieve more than just an increase in your turnover. You can boost the brand awareness of your company, introduce new products and test them, but also provide support at events in the form of sponsoring. Also, online campaigns provide better findability on the internet: if you regularly update your website and refer to your website from social media, your company will appear faster in search engines.

Online actions can contribute to improving the relationship with your customers. If you approach your customers in a targeted, personal and dosed manner with good action, you can get more visitors on your web page. And therefore more sales.Hope you will be able to boost your sales in 2018 with the tips mentioned above.

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